☆A foreigner residing in Japan and Japanese mixed marriage
☆Marriage by arrangement of the Japanese man and woman
Please contact us !


A scholar of foreign residence status application nation qualification administrative scrivener runs matrimonial agency 【良縁工房 華結び.】

①Introduction of the system

"What is marriage meeting action for marriage?" "Structure of the action for marriage?"


Over an email or a telephone, please contact us.

By the co-starring of the marriage meeting, I may not take the telephone.

Because I do not turn it down only by the receipt, I would like a message or a short email to an answering machine.


The enrollment applicant performs this enrollment examination interview with the meeting person in charge. When it is passed enrollment examination, I file for the sign-in.

Please bring the following documents.

  Thing necessary for an enrollment interview, system registration
Residence card passport single person certificate income certificate (withholding taxes book, decision report, income certificate) holding the post certificate driver's license health insurance card seal initial expense
 [enrollment qualification]

(it does not matter to the nationality, but, as a result of interview, may decline the enrollment.)

◎The one that resides in Japan in a legitimate residence status

◎The person who expects the marriage with the Japanese in single people 20 years or older

◎Our meeting which can promise the observance in a rule
◎One [only as for the man] with the main occupation to be healthy, and to run a married life

※The photograph holds the key to the profile.

After the enrollment, I make an introduction profile with the photograph which I photographed in a partner photo studio.


I place a profile of your own in the database which candidate your marriage partner is registered with when enrollment registration is over.

The registration that an address or the office considered personal information protection is reliable.
All the members are only the people who passed enrollment examination.

 Only a member having a password can do the partner search.
I can search a partner in the time that I had free with a PC for smartphone and home.

 There is a lot of what I do not understand only in a profile.
The first encounter is strain.
But a matchmaker does not need worry because there is an observer.
Positive; a meeting, please link the edge to be similar.


④go around


When both association hope will agrees after the first date, I tell a partner about mobile numbers from each matchmaker.

The association of two people starts from now on.
Was the date course decided?
Does the fashion of the day have the confidence?
I remember talking and the manner that the good feeling that I learned from Mr. professional is held well, and let's spend fun time.

Marriage is objective association each other.

It is important first to know each other without getting impatient too much.

Let's gradually talk about the ideal home images.

I should be able to share an image after the marriage.If there is a trouble, please talk anytime.



As for "this person!" 」

Do not come; if feel, is a proposal.
"But what kind of feeling will the partner be?" 」
I am interested very much
 When a proposal is uneasy, I can confirm the feeling of the partner through each other's matchmakers.

For a demand, I did marriage, the last intention confirmation to a proposal to many men and women beforehand until now.
Is making of pledge [marriage contract] [remarriage contract] [common-law marriage contract] to the happiness with the partner not examined at this time?

An advisor administrative scrivener makes it with a special treatment rate of member.

Please talk with a matchmaker.
By the way, please contact me if you can confirm the marriage intention of two people.
[wedding navigator] knows. Okay, the neighbor is a meeting place of the marriage meeting. Until the consultation of ring, marriage ceremonial hall, honeymoon, the そして new home, I accept all consultation here.